Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beware... The simple things can be dangerous.

A few days ago, Mum was doing some cleaning and put a few things near the front door so she could take them out to the recycling and trash.  One thing was a cute little paper bag with stiff twine for the handles.  It only took me a minute to get curious about it all...  I stuck my head through the handle and Mum saw me but it was too late!

I felt the handle around my neck and then, as I pulled away, the bag came back too!  I got really scared and ran away.  The faster I ran, the more scared I got because the bag was still around me.  I ran behind the couch and the bag got caught around the leg of the couch.  Mum had a heck of a time getting to me and just ripped the bag as quick as she could to get it away from me.

I was still scared a shook for a little while but Mum tried to calm me down and let me know I was ok.

Lesson....  PLEASE be careful of ANY sort of bag in your home!  Mum knew this lesson but it only takes one second for us to get our heads stuck in a handle.  If it's a plastic bag and we get scared, we could try to get away and the bag may twist around our necks or the plastic cover our faces.  So don't leave anything like this around, whether you're home or not!

You are your animals best advocate and steward. 

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