Monday, July 18, 2016

Family time!

When I asked Mum to put up this blog for me, I promised that I would introduce you to my fursibs and Mum made me promise that I would share... sometimes.  So I figured that since I haven't posted in a few days, I would start the introductions and begin with my brother Mack.

Now, Mack isn't just another ginger kitty that I share the house with, he's my real live, honest to catnip brother!  I mean like, we came from the same cat mom and dad even!  Some fursibs that come from the same litter have the same mom but can have different dads (like Squeak and Terra, you'll meet them later).  There is no denying that Mack and I share both cat parents!  We were found in a field when we were even too tiny to be away from out cat mom.  The vet didn't think either of us would live, especially Mack.  Sadly, our brother Tomat, didn't make it and MUm buried him in a very special place.

This is us taking a nap the other day - Mack is on the right and that's me wondering why he has his paw on me, on the left. 

Mum calls Mack a "volleyball with legs" cuz he's kinda rolly-polly but she also admits that he's awfully sweet and loving!  I hate it when she's right...

One thing that nobody has been able to deny is that good looks run in the family.  Mack got his name because he purrs like a Mack truck and with lady killer handsomeness going on, what's not to love!  Even if he is a brother...

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