Sunday, September 11, 2016

It happened!

Hi everyone!  Guess what?  Yesterday, I had my first, honest to Ceiling Cat, official visit as a therapy kitty!

Mum gave me a bath the night before, so my kitty sense told me that something was up.  Yesterday morning was like normal until I had to put on my harness.  Then, I KNEW I was going somewhere!

It wasn't the longest drive that I ever had to take but it was more than usual.  We got to a place that smelled different than anyplace I'd ever been before, like there was a lot of history and people that needed me too.  Mum said it was called Glendoveer ElderPlace in Portland.  We went inside and waited for a lady to show show us around as she introduced me to some very nice people.

Kitties sometimes get some grey furs when they get older and apparently, humans do too.  There was a lot of grey fur here but the people were so nice!  One lady stopped and just admired me but said she couldn't touch me because of something called allergies.  I don't like allergies... She did say that I was very beautiful and sweet.  She is obviously very wise and observant, even if she couldn't feel how soft I am.

I have to say that even though everyone liked me and thought I was sweet and beautiful...  I think I have a favorite human there.  She was very nice and funny, and from someplace called Australia.  I got to sit on a blanket on her lap for a long time.  She petted me while she and Mum talked about that place.  She knew how to pet really well so I just curled up on her lap and purred.  That was the best part of the visit.

I think I'm going to like this therapy kitty thing....

Mum here.  Basil was amazing yesterday!  With the exception of a few very large, very loud delivery trucks we encountered on our way in, she was the picture of furry perfection and love given this was her first visit.  To say that I'm proud of her would be an understatement.  She was VERY curious and a little eager to check things out when we arrived but I know that she'll get better with each visit.  And yes, I believe that we have a favorite human at this location. She fell in love with Basil and the feeling was mutual.  I enjoyed that part of the visit and hearing about Sydney Australia - and how it was 80 years ago.  I promised to bring back modern day pictures of Sydney next weekend since she hasn't been back in over 20 years.

I think I'm going to enjoy this therapy kitty thing too...


  1. I gotta say I think 😊 our girl is doing wonderful, can't wait until I get to read her next adventure, and once we get the rv and now with Robert's promotion, maybe we will start getting vacations, and will get to bring our whole home and gang for a visit, see you 😊 in the cabin

  2. So proud of you Basil & Mum. What a wonderful thing you are doing!!

  3. I think curious and eager are both wonderful attributes in a therapy kitty. Mine just hide if they go anywhere new.
    Keep up the good work, you are doing a wonderful thing. 💜