Monday, December 19, 2016

Professional Lap Cat

We told all of our furiends that they should prepare their tissues for this post. It's a short post but we'll wait a minute for you to grab one, just in case....

You're back already? Ok.

Mum and I do my therapy kitty visits almost every Sunday and we've been going to the ElderPlace Glendoveer here in Portland, Oregon for a while now (we love the people there, they're our friends too!). Mum loads me into my special kitty booster seat so I'm all safe, we stop and get her some coffee, and away we go!

Recently, one of our favorite humans there fell and got hurt so she had to go to a nursing and rehabilitation center a few miles down the road. When we found out that she would be there for a while, Mum found out where she was and got permissions for us to visit her in the new place. Our friend was SO happy when we walked in to see her and we've been visiting her each week too. You see, kitty visits are very helpful in healing and this is one of our favorite humans. She's about 658 in kitty years but she still laughs and remembers me every week!

Recently, Mum gave some of the people at the new place some of my cards. Yes, I have business cards... Doesn't every professional therapy kitty? Anyway, she told them if we could ever help someone out to please call. A few days ago, they did!

When we went in to visit yesterday, Mum and I stopped and talked to the lady who called. Get those tissues ready... It turns out that there is someone VERY special at this place. Mum says that he just got something called a "terminal diagnosis."  They told him that he could have anything he wanted and asked what that would be... To be covered in puppies? All the cake and ice cream he wanted? What? He said that all he wanted was a cat on his lap.


We can't tell you his real name but we call him Sly. We got to meet him yesterday. He has the nicest smile and the kindest dark eyes! I sat on his lap for the longest time yesterday.... He has a good lap and pets very well so I purred really, REALLY loud for him. Before we left that place yesterday, we stopped and talked to the lady that asked us to visit Sly and thanked her. Mum said that as long as he was alive, he would have a kitty for his lap, me.

I can't wait to go back and love on Sly. He knows how to love back really well.


  1. That's what animal therapy is all about!

  2. I love it when the Universe points the way! Great job Basil & Mum!

  3. I love Basil kitty. Good job, Basil and Mama. <3

  4. Awesome job, Basil! You are doing such good work, and I am so glad you are there for these humans who need you.

  5. You are special sweetheart! We admire you and the therapy you provide. Purrs

  6. You were right about the tissues, but the tears were GOOD tears. Mr. Sly will have his wish because of you. So it is a happy story at the same time it is sad. You are a VERY good Kitty. The best!


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