Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Updates and other furry things!

Hi there furry and non-furry friends!  I'm sorry that I've been away so long but WOW, things have been busy this winter!

Let's see...  First of all, a few months back, one of our favorite human friends fell and hurt herself pretty bad.  She went to a special place to get better and Mum tracked her down and got "purrmission" for me to go and see her in the new place.  Purr therapy is really important to helping people heal and keeping them happy!  The people at Cascade Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Portland like me so much that I'm visiting other people there now too.  They think I'm really cute (they obviously have good taste) and that it's really funny to see a kitty in a stroller or walking down the hall on a leash with my human (OF COURSE I keep Mum on a leash!  I wouldn't want her to get away and get lost or hurt!).

Then, Mum got this crazy idea in her head...  She is thinking of how she could promote animal assisted therapy with kitties, as well as spay and neuter programs, full time. So she's looking into how to start a non-profit organization and call it (ready for this?) The Basil Foundation.  She would train my brother Mack to do this kind of work and we would both get to do visits every week!  First, she has to get someone who knows how to fill out the mountain of paperwork for the government and then look for sponsors.

Just the other day, when we were coming back from our normal Sunday visits (I love Sundays!), we stopped at a fantastic store called Mud Bay not far from home.  The manager and staff there really like me and are SO FRIENDLY!  We stop in on most Sundays when I've had a really good therapy day and Mum gets me a special treat (or shampoo, ick).  This last week, we stopped and the manager said she wanted to do a story on me for their newsletter!  And get this...  I AM NOW THE OFFICIAL MUD BAY TANASBOURNE CAT! It's a pretty big job... I have to come into the store, great all the staff, and then, I have to inspect all the merchandise (especially the kitty trees and toys), taste test and review some of the treats, and talk to the customers.

Anyway, Mud Bay is a really cool place and they have stores all over the Pacific Northwest (but I think Tanasbourne is the best).  Check them out at www.MudBay.com or even better, visit a store if you can and tell them Basil sent you!

Do you remember a few months ago when I was invited to participate in the Pet Expo here in Portland?

Yeah, I looked pretty extra cute that day...  There was also another photographer there and she took a pretty special picture of me.  Tell me what you think.  This is the one...

I've also been learning some tricks!  Here I am when Mum took me to work one day, giving her boss a highfive... Or HIGH PAW!

Mum went and rescued a new brofur named Neko.  He's a blind kitty who was dumped at a shelter in Atlanta, Georgia.  We are his first ever home and first ever family - forever.

Other than that, lots and lots and lots of visits.  There is always more love and purrs needed out there!  Keep giving them my friends and you'll keep getting them!

Until next time - Love and purrs to everyone.

Your furriend,
Basil, Therapy Cat

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