Monday, December 3, 2018

The best painful job there is.

Happy holidays peeps!

I started my training and doing therapy visits over three years ago. When my mum and I went on an official visit, we were both pretty excited. The first person that we ever met was so kind, wonderful, and loved kitties so much!

Over the years, we saw her almost every week. We shared stories and our lives. We shared times when we laughed and times when we hurt. This lovely woman became someone that I looked forward to snuggling with and she was like a mother/grandmother to Mum. Our visits to see her were representative of the best part of being a therapy kitty! But as both humans and kitties will do, we all got older. For our incredible peep, that meant more. Very recently, she took a turn for the worse and last month, she passed peacefully in her sleep.

We got to see her on her last day and spent much of the day with her. I napped and Mum held her hand. When we left, both Mum and I knew it was the last time we would see her. Now, kitties are a little better at realizing that this is something that happens and none of us live forever. I'm still said at the loss of our friend and both Mum and I miss her so very much.

This has been the most painful part for Mum and I, being a therapy team. She loved animals so much that I know we'll see her at the Rainbow Bridge some day.

Until then,.. Goodbye, Love.

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