Tuesday, May 25, 2021

What's a working kitty to do...

I know that I haven't written much for a pretty long time, especially in kitty years! This pandemic thing that's going on has all the Therapy Cats sitting at home with our humans. So, what does a working kitty like myself, do during these times? Well, let's see...

I spend A LOT of time sitting in the sun and looking at everything outside.


I take naps... LOTS and lots of naps.




I get to be a little silly sometimes...




Every once in a while, I talk to the neighbor... Her name is Canella.


I spend a lot of time with Mom. 



Perhaps a little too much...

I even got a picture drawn of me!

I've been getting a lot of biscuit practice!

But mostly, I think of my peeps and how much I miss them.




I didn't get to see any of these peeps in the last year. How soon I get to see any of you again is up to you... Please get your Covid-19 vaccination. Until more people do just that, it's too dangerous for me (cats can get this virus and it can be dangerous for us too!) and we could even spread it from one patient to the next and that would break our hearts because we love our tiny peeps. So until more people get vaccinated, I can't go back to sharing my purr therapy. Please, get vaccinated. 

Until then...

Much love and purrs,

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  1. Rainy and I both enjoyed your post Basil! She's keeping busy with agility and tricks, but is also eager to share her purr therapy again.


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