Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Be Like Basil!

I've now launched my logo and the Be Like Basil campaign (thanks again to Debbie at GLOGIRLY - Tails Of A Cat And Her Girl for that!) and people are saying "But Basil, you're perfect! You're smart and cute and loving and funny... How can we be like you?" Keep in mind, perfect is different for kitties than it is for humans. We're much more realistic about these things and perfect is about trying to be the absolute best that YOU can be, for yourself and others.

I'll also let you in on a little secret... I'm not actually perfect.

When I go out to visit my peeps (everyone I visit instantly becomes one of my peeps by the way), I put on my very best and most loving cattitude and behavior. I stay in my stroller until Mom gets me out, I stay on the towel or blanket that is put down for me, I don't meow for no reason (unless it's the REALLY REALLY long hallways and skywalk at Doernbecher where there are almost no peeps, what's up with that?), I stay in my seat in the car, I give high fives and sit up for treats, when I'm with the patients I purr EXTRA hard and make as many biscuits as my little paws can, I slow blink the staff peeps (cuz they deserve it), and I don't get scared of almost anything because I know Mom will protect me (remind me to add Bodyguard to her job title). Sometimes big loud noises scare me a little.

Mom calls me "the Mary Poppins of cats" - practically perfect in every way. Until I get home...

You see, being that perfect when I'm out in public means that sometimes, I'm not always perfect at home. Sometimes, I'm not always graceful (thanks for the pic, Mom... Seriously?!), I jump on the kitchen counter (only when there's something up there that I REALLY want), I steal Squeak's food out of his automatic feeder (he sits right there with his tag so the door doesn't close, so he enables it), and sometimes... I get into tussles with Fu (Mom calls us sisters from another litter and every once in a while, we act like sisters but not in the best way). I used to pick on my blind fursib-brother Neko but Mom really put her foot down on that one.

But even at home, I love my fursibs and Mom, I ALWAYS use the litterbox, I practice my purrs and
biscuits on Mom, I groom after every meal, I'm really do love my fursibs, and I rest up for the next visit. Like I said, human perfect is unattainable. Kitty perfect on the other hand... well... Just remember...

  • Be kind, it matters
  • Be honest
  • Try your best, your own 100%
  • Learn lots and be smart

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