Sunday, June 5, 2016

Going to the V.E.T.

Everyone usually thinks that becoming a therapy kitty is pretty easy... as long as your nice and like people, it's a done deal, right?  Wrong!  There are a lot of things that have to be done first.  Up to now, Mum has been taking me to places so that I get used to being around strangers, loud noises, and all sorts of different things.  I also had to get used to wearing my harness and riding in my stroller  - and do all of this without being afraid!  Then, Mum had to take a class so that she would know how she has to behave and handle me in all of these situations.  We're being certified through Pet Partners and they are really strict about their therapy animals teams!

One of the things that has to happen before the big test day is a special trip to the V.E.T.  Normally, cats don't like this at all and Mum had to find us a new doctor which made it extra tough.  Thanks to her friend Dr. Grant from Scaredy Cat Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, yesterday we went to Cat Care Professionals in Lake Oswego, Oregon near our home.  Before we even walked in, Mum said she was pretty impressed with how they handled everything.  They had all my records before we got there and they used all sorts of cool techy things so it was on the calendar on Mum's computer so she wouldn't forget and everything was ready ahead of time.

We got to the appointment on time because Mum is pretty picky about those sorts of things. Mack came along with me since it was time for our annual shots anyway.

When we went into the room, I had to check out the floor.  It was clean and very good for rolling around on.

Then I met the vet tech lady, Kristine.  She asked Mum all sort of questions and I introduced myself.

I think Mack just wanted to go home...

The Dr. Amanda Barkely came in.  Despite having the word "bark" in her name, she really likes kitties.

 She tried listening to my insides with the stethoscope thingy but my purr was louder.  It made everyone smile though!

She looked in my eyes and ears.  I didn't care much for this part but she was really nice and it was done quickly.  

And I got more love afterward!

Mack was just in it for the butt scratches!

Anyway, we found a fantastic new vet and really like Dr. Amanda.  She signed off on the paper saying that I'm healthy enough to be a therapy kitty!  Next stop...  THE EVALUATION.

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  1. I'm so excited for you, Basil! You are even better at the vet than I am - I'm sure you will ace your evaluation!