Saturday, June 25, 2016

Getting ready...

Being a therapy kitty is lots of fun and lots of love but there's also an awful lot of work that goes into it!  In some future posts, Mum and I will go into all the time and hard work that went into getting ready for our evaluation but for this post, we're going to meow a bit about what goes into getting ready for a visit or event.

The night before we go anywhere is really busy.

I get my claws trimmed....  I wouldn't want to scratch anyone if I got scared.

I get my ears and teeth checked and cleaned...  Who wants bad breath?  Not me!

And then...  (insert dramatic music)  I get a bath!

Now, I don't hate baths but I don't love them either.  To follow the rules, I have to get one within about 24 hours of going somewhere.  Mum taught me how to "stay" which is what I'm doing here for my bath.  As you might guess, "stay" isn't my favorite at this moment either. After I'm all clean, Mum dries me off as much as she can with a couple of towels and then, I run off to finish the job.  You know they saying... if you want something right, you've got to do it yourself!

The next morning, we get breakfast a little earlier so that I have time to eat, clean myself, and use the litter box if I need to.  While Mum gets herself ready, I make sure all the water goes down the shower drain.  My sisfur, Tesla, helped this morning.

Then all my stuff has to be packed to go with us.  We take along... all of this!

  1. My Pet Partner vest (just in case I have to be official somewhere)
  2. A hair removal brush (so I don't leave anyone with fur on their shirt or something)
  3. Hand sanitizer (people in healthcare settings have to use it before and after they pet me, just to be safe for both them and me)
  4. A small blanket (I'm not allowed to sit directly on a patient's lap so Mum puts this down for me to sit on)
  5. My harness (this goes on with my leash attached before I ever leave home)
  6. TWO leashes (my regular one and a second shorter red one in case someone else wants to hold my leash so Mum always holds the pink one and never lets go of me)
  7. Treats, I'm a fan of catnip flavored Greenies (I'm allowed to have treats if someone wants to give me me one and it's okay with Mum)
  8. An extra soft brush (in case someone wants to brush me or a Doctor wants me to help with someone's occupational therapy and they hold the brush to pet me and work on their hand coordination)
  9. A bandana (Mum usually uses it if she sneezes but it can be to wipe off my face or lots of things
Then, my stroller has to be cleaned, ready with all my stuff in the compartment underneath, and loaded in the car.  Mum brings along an extra soft kennel and a small litter box... just in case.

Mum puts my harness on and hooks me into my booster seat after she puts the seatbelt through it so I'm all safe.

AND AWAY WE GO!!  You'll have to come back to see where we went today...

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  1. Just like having a 'human' baby!! So special you are Sweet Basil
    Aunty Dana